Bahar Fabric Softener


Bahar Fabric Softener with advanced Long-lasting Fragrance formula delicately blends the soft smell of flowers, for a sweet and Long Lasting Fragrance, which lasts for 21days* after wash. It work deep within the fabric to untangle fibers made stif from washing and leaves your clothes with a petal soft feel and freshness. The formula also reduces 'static cling' to make ironing easier.

A Unique combination of Long Lasting Fragrance, Softness and Freshness...

Bahar Fabric Softener is available in a range of four special long-lasting fragrances - Garden Fresh, Blue Mist, Pink Fusion and Purple Mystery.

Garden Fresh

It has the gentle long-lasting perfume of a freshly-cut oral bouquet.

Blue Mist

It has a perky and invigorating fragrance that stays zesty all day long.

Purple Mystery

It has a deep, luxurious fragrance that's ideal for finer garments and fabrics.

Pink Fusion

It has an enduring, exotic scent that's simply bursting with energy.
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