D'zire Ultra Premium Soaps

Introducing the new D’zire Ultra personal care range of products for the whole family

D’zire Ultra Premium Soaps

D'zire Ultra Premium Soaps - with extra moisturizers for a smooth and glowing skin. Cares your skin and beauty with 5 different variants

D'zire Ultra Milk Soap : D'zire Ultra Milk Soap with extra moisturizer and goodness of milk to take care of your skin. Use it every day to give your skin an everlasting radiance.

D'zire Ultra Cream & Nuts Soap : D'zire Ultra Cream & Nuts soap with the goodness of almonds. Almond provides your skin with a fresh glow and at the same time nourishes your skin. Use it every day to keep your skin soft and supple.

D'zire Ultra Pearl Soap : The new rich and royal D'zire Ultra Pearl Soap nourishes and takes care of your skin with its gentle fragrance and cleansing properties. Use it every day to give your skin a regal radiance.

D'zire Ultra Lavender Soap : D'zire Ultra Lavender soap’s essential ingredients bring a visible glow to your skin and the original fragrance of Lavender keeps you fresh all day.

D'zire Ultra Antibacterial Soap : D'zire Ultra Anti-bacterial soap cares and protects your family from germs. Use it every day to give your family the best protection from germs.

Packaging: 48 x 125gm.

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