Hair Care


The Sidr range of herbal shampoos is prepared from powdered Sidr leaves – precious herbs that are Nature's gifts to all kinds of hair. Its unique formula gently cleanses, nourishes and conditions your hair leaving it full of bounce and shine. Sidr is presently available in Normal, Anti-Dandruff, Dry and Greasy variants.


  • Sidr preserves and enhances hair's natural healthy appearance.
  • The herb-derived cleansers combine with the revitalizing benefits of pure botanical extracts to improve hair's appearance and manageability.
  • A wholesome blend of vitamins strengthens hair and provides protection from harmful environmental elements.
  • Sidr keeps split ends, dandruff and dryness at bay.

Farah Shampoo was launched keeping in mind the consumer who needs a good shampoo at an affordable price. Farah shampoo has the twin effect of "Cleaning and Conditioning" and the perfumes chosen linger on for a long even after the wash.


Packaging Outer Dimensions 20 FT FCL 40 FT  HC FCL
24 * 400 ml 315 * 275 * 231 1440 2505
720 * 6 ml 365 * 280 * 150 1920 4352
24 * 400 ml 365 * 300 * 230 1120 2456
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