Know Your Hair Type

Hair plays an important role in making a person look attractive. Hence it is important to take good care of it. In order to do so correctly, it's important to know your hair type, whether it's dry, oil, mixed condition or normal. However, the quality of hair can change with the seasons, which is why it should be evaluated regularly.

Oily Hair

Oily hair almost always goes with an oily skin and frequently with fine hair. It is easily recognizable because it becomes lank and greasy soon after shampooing. Tips for Oily Hair

Caring for Oily Hair

Keep the scalp clean, and shampoo it frequently. As long as the hair and scalp are washed gently – not scrubbed or over massaged, there should be no problem. The hair should be rinsed very thoroughly with cold water. Provided you use SIDR shampoo for Greasy Hair, it doesn't matter if your hair is washed as often as twice a day.

Oily hair should be brushed and combed only when necessary for two reasons: because it stimulates the sebaceous glands, making the hair greasier and because it spreads the greasiness all over the scalp.

Normal Hair

You are lucky if this is your natural hair type. The hair has a natural sheen and is easy to maintain and manage. Healthy normal hair reflects a healthy body and healthy skin.

Caring for Normal Hair

Use a mild shampoo such as SIDR for Normal Hair as often as needed. The hair should always be conditioned and rinsed thoroughly. If the hair has been exposed to any stressful factors like sun and wind or a long course of medication, the hair should be given a deep conditioning treatment.

Dry Hair

Dry hair occurs when too little oil is secreted by the sebaceous glands or when the hair shaft is damaged due to frequent exposure to wind, sun, salt or chlorine filled water; all of which cause the natural moisture to evaporate. Most people with permanently dry hair usually have a dry skin too. But more often, dry hair is caused by improper hair care and grooming, such as the excessive use of blow dryers. Severe dandruff, as well as chemicals can also lead to dry hair. Dry hair is rough to the touch, full of static and lacking in lustre. It gets easily tangled and is hard to comb, leading to split ends. In severe cases, it may even become almost straw-like in appearance.

Caring for Dry Hair

Keep the scalp clean by using SIDR shampoo for Dry Hair regularly. Most people believe that shampoos strip hair of the natural oils and dry the hair even further. This is not true. Massage the scalp gently with the fingertips - this stimulates the sebaceous glands

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