Skin And Beauty Tips


Always make it a habit to moisturize your skin. The best time to moisturize is when skin still feels damp - the moisturizer will act as a sealant and help hydrate your skin. So start a habit of moisturizing every time you bathe, shower or even wash your hands

Summer Skin Care

Caring for skin in summer can be tricky because perspiration often fools us into thinking skin is moisturized, while air conditioning, chlorinated pools and the sun's rays all conspire to dry us out.

Use sun block from head to toe. Many people think that basking on the beach for days on end is what causes skin cancer. In fact, the short sun exposures you get every day can also make you susceptible to skin cancer. Use a moisturizer that contains both UVA and UVB protection, and be sure to cover all exposed areas, including hands, forearms, face and ears.

Pamper your hands and feet. Your hands are continually exposed to sun and are one of the first areas to show environmental damage. Be sure to wash your hands with a mild cleanser like Farah, followed by a good moisturizer. To soothe dry, rough feet, slather on a rich moisturizer at bedtime and slip on a pair of socks for intense healing while you sleep.

Environment and your Skin

You may be surprised just how much your surroundings can affect the condition of your skin. Our skin is also influenced by lifestyle choices and personal habits.

Don't be water-resistant. While drinking water won't actually moisturize your skin, it will help your internal organs function properly, which positively affects your skin's health and beauty. Ditto with exercise.

Water your air. Just as winter air wreaks havoc on your skin, so does your summer air conditioner. Counteract the drying effects with a humidifier, which puts water back into the air and helps your skin stay moisturized. (Well-hydrated skin looks plumper and more youthful.)

Take a break. A high stress level is bad for your mood and your skin. Treat yourself to at least one relaxing, pampering activity per week, be it a bubble bath flanked by candles, a facial or a movie rental marathon at home.

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